I currently play a custom mouthpiece and a custom small bore trombone - both of which are designs that have come together over years of trial and error, experimentation, and straight up STUDY of many of the most successful/popluar designs (trombones and mouthpieces) across the history of American and world Music in the 20th and 21st century. For brass players, your tone is one of the key elements of your signature, and my study of equipment has led me to significant advances in getting my sound out there! Along the way, I have enjoyed the process tremendously, and have come up with some conclusions and solutions that have benefited me greatly as an artist.

My current mouthpiece designs focus on getting the "classic, vintage" tone that I grew up hearing while expanding acoustic projection and broadening playability and comfort. My current axe is set up to allow many traditions to converge and to cover live and recording situations equally well - always with the emphasis on TONE!

Keep your ear to the ground here...2011 should see the release of some recently recorded music from me - and you'll be able to check out this gear in action!